In 2005 we had the pleasure of looking around the Costhorpe herd of Herefords owned by HW Coates, Armston Farm, Cosby, Leicester  and managed by Steve Edwards. We were very impressed, the herd contained some nice framed cows with great top lines and tidy tail heads along with some lovely bloodlines.


Kingshaugh Hereford cattle at Bail Hill


We purchased two cows, firstly Costhorpe 1 Melody L46 by Costhorpe Gallant out of a FB 67K Banner dam with a heifer calf at foot and back in calf to Costhorpe 1 Victorious and secondly Costhorpe 1 Lady S19 by Costhorpe 1 North Star and out of a Remitall Teamster 9T(Imp sem) and back in calf to Costhorpe 1 Victorious. 


Kingshaugh 1 Betty out of Melody L46 is a lovely framed milky cow who has bred us Kingshaugh Gladiator (by Dorepoll 1 93N Nationwide), whom we used ourselves then sold on, and Kingshaugh 1 Harriet by Canadian imported semen JSF 271 Dice. Kingshaugh 1 Charlie out of Melody L46 by Harrington Park 1 Windsor was sold at Carlisle 2007 to the Pinmoor herd.
Three heifers retained in the herd out of Costhorpe 1Lady S19, they are Kingshaugh 1 Bella by Costhorpe Victorious, Kingshaugh 1 Daisy by Harrington Park 1 Windsor and Kingshaugh 1 Glitz by Dorepoll 1 93n Nationwide.  She in turn has a lovely heifer calf Kingshaugh 1 Image by Solpoll 1 Ferrari. Lady S19 also bred us Kingshaugh 1 Colin by Harrington Park 1 Windsor which sold to the Masefield herd  and Kingshaugh 1 Harry by Canadian imported semen JSF 271 Dice whom we sold as a stock bull to Messers Watson, Newlands Farm, near Carlisle.
Kingshaugh 1 Bella in turn has two heifers by her retained in the herd Kingshaugh 1 Ella by Dendor 1 Dai and Kingshaugh 1 Isla by Kingshaugh 1 Gladiator.

Kingshaugh Hereford cattle

We can also thoroughly recommend  Hereford pure bred beef, we have one of our own bred bullocks in the freeze and you cannot beat it. Previous to this beast we had a Belted Galloway in the freezer it was nice but the Hereford out shines it for taste and tenderness.


Kinsgshaugh 1 Lord sold at Harrison & Hetherington Carlisle May 2015

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